DarX Architectural Technology& Consultancy Ltd is a new generation collaborative design initiative who provides cutting-edge operational and consultancy services in Architectural Technology, Interior Design, BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Sustainability in Built Environment. 

Integrated design and innovation is the philosophy of DarX.

With a background of 15 years proven international expertise in the challenging Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, DarX is ready to be your dedicated partner.





  • 2D Detail Drawings and Solutions with AutoCAD

  • Multidisciplinary Design Management and Coordination

  • Design Review, Value Engineering&Optimizations

  • Building Regulations in Russia&CIS Countries and MENA Region


DarX is ready to support for developing your ideas to become livable buildings with ‘smart design’ approach. Specialty in High-Rise, Commercial, Residential, Hospitality  and Industrial Buildings Types



​BIM is an irreversible path into digitalisation in Construction Industry. DarX can support your projects throughout this transition with following services: 

  • Revit Modeling (Structural, Architectural, MEP)

  • Clash Control and Management with Navisworks Manage

  • 4D Simulations with Navisworks Manage

  • BEP Implementation to Design works


Alper Dilek (founder of DarX)  is a qualified BREEAM Assessor and at the same time he is holding BREEAM AP and LEED AP BD+C certificates which means he is an Accredited Professional in global bodies such as BREEAM and USGBC which support environmentally responsible projects.

With the help of its extensive knowledge in various certification schemes, DARX is ready to support your project in terms of Green Building certification process using best practices and integrated design approach.

 Benefits of Green Building Certifications can be listed as :

  • Quality Assurance in Project Management

  • Reduced Operational Cost

  • Whole Life Building Value

  • Increased Productivity

  • Increased Sale&Rental Rates





17.000 m2 project in Tottenham consists of 23-storey THR building ,7-storey SSR building and four 3-storey townhouse buildings. Total residential unit quantity: 163.
Scope: Facade Consultancy, FF&E and Interior Design Consultancy of Amenity Space, Landscape and BREEAM Consultancy


Design approach of Confluence Hotel is to synthesis between natural and
artificial and to integrate local inspirations and international practices in the
premises where customers feel like home no matter where they came from.
Flow is represented throughout the design by dynamic shapes inspired by
nature. Biophilic elements like Green walls and natural forms in the design
underline the continuous cycle in the environment.


This interior design proposal aims to create peaceful yet colorful environment for office workers by neutral colors, artworks and greenery elements.


Solomon Multi-functional Complex in St.Petersburg consists of 2 Olympic Pools which will serve to local students and regional tournaments, a 3 star Hotel for sportsmen and trainers and an Office Tower. "Colors of Sports" theme are represented throughout this dynamic facade design proposal by using pastel colored modules in an algorithmic randomization.


Total designed area is more than 2 million m2 in Russia&CIS Countries and EMEA Region.Specialty in High-Rise Buildings, Residential&Commercial&Industrial Projects.


Design and Preparation of Extension drawings for House & Restaurants and Planning Applications


This  design proposal aims to create a dynamic, colorful working environment which will increase productivity and reduce sick building syndrome effects. Meeting rooms made of shipping containers, random pastel colors throughout floor covering and graffities on walls are the main elements which represent youth, dynamism and equity.


BIM is an irreversible path through digitalisation in Construction Industry. DarX can provide various operational and consultancy services within this platform such as:

  • Modelling with Revit and Rhino,

  • 4D Simulations with Navisworks Manage,

  • BIM Execution Plan Preparation and Implementation,

  • Inter-disciplinary design integration with Navisworks Manage.


Under the pressure of over-population, climate crisis and migration, It is clear that Megapolises need to look at innovative solutions in order to increase greenery spaces for their residents rather than sacrificing them in a way to new developments.

This  experimental proposal is not only aiming to increase the living standards in the dense urban areas but also to create a local, circular economy. Main goals of the project are defined as :

  • Providing people with accessible green areas as a response to irresponsible urban development,

  • Creating an urban oasis in order to prevent air pollution, heat island affect and floods by creating a micro-climate zone,

  • To integrate agriculture with the daily life in urban zone in order to create local circular economy against possible food crisis.


Brosko Aquapark Project is conceptualized in accordance with the Client`s vision to have first indoor Aquapark project in border city Khabarovsk, Russia. Project aims to be an attraction point for city`s population and tourist destinations from China. Therefore, project consists of 180 rooms hotel, spa center, cafe-restaurants, and shopping areas.


Pushkinsky Cinema Hall takes place in Pushkinsky Square in Central Moscow. In time, the cinema hall became a kitsch due to lack of care and useless billboards and decors.
Project aims to purify the appearance of the building and cover it with an interactive, transparent sphere. This media shell will also has an ability to reflect all the film posters, fragments and advertisements. 
Furthermore, the visual sphere is assumed to serve as an open-air cinema screen since re-integration of the cinema hall with the the city is of vital importance.
Pushkinsky Cinema Hall - with this vision, hopefully - will once again become an attraction point in the city.


Ada House is located in beautiful Kinaliada (island) district of Istanbul. This cosy summer house is decorated with a taste of art and also, it features an elevated tea house in the small courtyard which allows occupants to enjoy sea view.


Being in the nature was the main theme for Spa Hotel&Suites in Cherkasy, Ukraine. Main restaurant building which  is located over a natural pond, allows occupants to be integrated with the water through a glazed atrium. Local natural stone, wood and glass are the main materials shape this hotel complex in a natural zone.



Delirious Moscow City: An Organic Adaptation of Neva Towers, CTBUH 2017 Sydney

Stylobate: The Connection Part of Tall Buildings with The City, CTBUH Dubai 2018

Conceptual Design :

Jenga Tower

Urban Farm

Technical Design: 

Neva Towers, Moscow

Double Tree Hilton, Minsk

Piazza, Istanbul

Talan Towers, Astana

Cool Tower, Rotterdam


Alper Dilek
Design Manager/BIM Specialist/ BREEAM AP / LEED AP

Alper Dilek has 15 years of experience in architectural design, design management and coordination in AEC Industry. He has many researches regarding Design Technology, BIM, 3D Printing and Sustainability. 

Alper is both a qualified BREEAM Assessor and a LEED AP BD+C, which are the certificates issued by two of the most prestigious organisations globally in sustainability sector (i.e. USGBC and BRE Global). 

He has graduated from Architecture School of Istanbul Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2006. During the education, he is awarded from UMOP (International Architecture Students Projects Competition) for Yacht Marina and Hotel Project in Istanbul in 2005.

Alper has also an MBA degree from Istanbul Bilgi University and BIM Specialty certificate from Istanbul Technical University.

Throughout his career, He has worked for architectural studios and international construction firms which provided the opportunity for both propagating ideas in order to create forms and experiencing of building the designed forms.

Alper has involved in various large-scale commercial or tall buildings and industrial projects in CIS and EMEA regions, after joining of Renaissance Construction (ranked as 33th place globally and 9th place in Europe according to ENR Magazine Records) in 2010 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The last position he held was Design Director in Istanbul Headquarters of Renaissance Construction with the supervision of 40 staff including architects, engineers and draftsmen and outsource resources as well. 

Between 2008 and 2010, he worked in Ukraine for various hotel, residential buildings and interior design projects.

Currently, he runs his London based practice DarX Ltd which provides consultancy and operational services in Architectural technology, BIM and Sustainability.  

Publications & Presentations:

· Delirious Moscow City: An organic adaptation of Neva Towers

  CTBUH ( Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) 2017, Sydney Conference – Speaker

· The Potential Effects of 3D Printing to The Construction Industry 

   Bilgi University, 2018

· Stylobate: The Connection Part of The Tall Building with The City

  CTBUH ( Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) 2018 , Dubai Conference– Poster Presentation



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